July 29, 2014

Start Your Own Cleaning Business in 24 Hours

Starting your own business is an intimidating undertaking – particularly if you don’t have a whole lot of experience in the field you’re entering. Getting paid a high hourly working for yourself sounds like an excellent deal, but what does it really entail? How do you look and work like a real professional if you haven’t run a show yourself before? Some people might say that you can’t do it without knowing what you’re getting into beforehand, but we would disagree. Even someone who hasn’t cleaned houses professionally can start their own business – and they can start working in under 24 hours if they do it right. If you’re a savvy people-person and have a little business acumen flowing in your blood, you’re good to go. Here’s what you do.

Study: Learn the House Cleaning Business

Study the process and techniques involved in cleaning a house. Read every review and piece of feedback you can get your hands on online. Watch YouTube videos published by cleaning services that describe their process. There’s an order of events involved in cleaning a house that follows a very logical pattern. If you’re even considering starting a house cleaning business, you certainly know a thing or two about what makes a house dirty, and what makes it clean. Start by cleaning high and work your way down. Think like a clean-freak, not a bachelor. Reading through the online reviews of maid services on Yelp.com or google reviews is probably the best way to gain free, infinite insight into the world of cleaning houses. Customers will be very specific. They’ll say, for instance, “The maid forgot to clean the shower curtain”, and, by reading that, you’ll remember the shower curtain. They’ll say, “The maid worked too slowly, and reacted badly when I told him I needed to leave to go somewhere, and could we reschedule”, and you’ll have learned a little about how not to treat a customer on the job.

start your own cleaning business

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Tools: Probably Already Under Your Sink

Buy cleaning equipment. Most of the things you need will probably already be sitting under your kitchen sink. We won’t go into the list here, but our ebook contains a complete list of items that will come in handy – some of which are commonly overlooked. Try calling a maid service from another city and asking for a little advice. Maybe you’ll want to pay them to act as a consultant. Just be sure you’re not stuck having to leave the job to pick up something you forgot.

Marketing: Key to Starting a Small House Cleaning Business

Plan a marketing strategy and start it as soon as possible. Create fliers engineered to a certain kind of potential client in a certain area (read more about that here) – you do this by knowing your market. Then, create a spiffy craigslist ad and publish it. This will provide you very effective free marketing.


Lastly, in order to get your first “pilot” customer – the customer you work for in order to get a feel for the way the home cleaning business is, and whether or not you really want to get into it seriously – you’ll need to bid competitively. You might need to work for peanuts, or you might even need to take a loss. This field experience is important. It is a way to gain you positive references, word-of-mouth advertising, and, most importantly, it will improve your skills as a home cleaner.


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