July 13, 2014

Starting a home cleaning business?  Need some help?  Help is HERE…

Do you know…exactly…how to get your first 5 customers?  What to charge?  How to clean ANYTHING?  How to organize?  How to estimate, bid, and invoice?  We’ve spoken to home cleaners, done the research, and HAVE THE ANSWERS.  Read on…

Why buy this course?

  1. We teach you how to clean professionally. You know how to clean your own home. But the standards are high for a professional, and we teach you the “ins and outs” of how to produce spotless work in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms in minimal time.
  2. Learn Pricing and bidding strategies. Every job is different. We prepare you to answer the phone and convert callers into estimates and estimates into paying customers. Also, we’ll teach you how to find average pricing in your city and set your prices to dominate your competition.
  3. Learn from a real home cleaner.  David Losh, owner of Seattlehousecleaning.com and publisher of Davidlosh.com, shares his thoughts on how he would start a home cleaning business in 2012 in an exclusive online interview.
  4. We provide over $300 in pre-made, professional marketing tools.  A website (free hosting), craigslist ad, business card design, and flyer design made just-for-home-cleaners.  All included in the course, with videos showing you how to create and print them all.
  5. Your Success is GUARANTEED. If you can’t start a profitable house cleaning business within 60 days, we’ll refund your money. Our guarantee policy is enforced by PayPal–the largest and most trusted payment processor on the Internet.

What comes with the course?

1.  Ebook:  “The Pro Housekeeping Blueprint.”  Topics include:

  • Paperwork. Filing the forms and licenses to ensure that you are LEGAL.
  • Professional cleaning methods: Carpet stain removal, Cleaning blinds, Cleaning drapes, Tile cleaning, Shower cleaning, Toilet cleaning, Proper use of bleach, Ceramic sink cleaning, Mold remediation, Refrigerators, Mildew removal, Organization of cleaning equipment Proper wood, linoleum, vinyl, and tile floor cleaning, Granite cleaning, Stainless steel sink cleaning, Oven cleaning, Spotless window cleaning, How to clean in corners and tight spots…and much more!
  • Bidding. How to convert callers and emailers into estimates. And how to write up an in-home estimate to get the job 90% of the time.
  • Reference building. How to quickly build an arsenal of customers who will gladly supply themselves as references to new customers.
  • Pricing. How to discover home cleaning pricing in your area and set your prices to dominate your competition.
  • Customer Service. The 5 things you must do on every job to ensure that you will get repeat business and referrals.
  • Organization. How to keep your schedule organized and maintain a to-do list that ensures your daily tasks are completed and you are stocked up with supplies and ready for the next job.

2. Website for Home Cleaners.

Click to preview

  • Includes a VIDEO which shows you how to set up this website in 10 minutes.
  • No set up or hosting charges. The site is created and hosted for free.
  • Advertise your website on your flyers, your business card, and your car–your website will show that you are SERIOUS about home cleaning.
  • Advertise on Google, Yahoo, Angies List, Yelp, CitySearch, and more.
  • See example site here.
  • 90 second video tour here.

3. Craigslist Ad for Home Cleaners.

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  • Craigslist is THE place for new cleaners to get their start.
  • Post this to the top of Craigslist’s Household Services each morning.
  • House cleaners have notoriously unprofessional Craigslist ads…you will STAND OUT.
  • Includes VIDEO on how to create and post this ad daily.


4. Glossy Flyer Template

Flyer for home cleaning business

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  • Print 100s and distribute in upscale neighborhoods and business parks.
  • Full color.  Customizable for your business.
  • Distribute to realtors, property managers, and construction companies.
  • Your phone will RING and you will stay BUSY.
  • Includes a VIDEO explaining customizing and printing the flyer.


5. Business Card Template

business card template for home cleaning businesses

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  • Just for home cleaners. Professional, clean temlate.
  • Distribute to your customers, realtors, property managers, and construction companies.
  • Hand out 5 cards on every job.
  • Includes VIDEO explaining customizing and printing the flyer.

6. Interview with David Losh, blogger and home cleaning business owner.

David Losh: author and home cleaning business owner.

  • Meet David Losh – Cleaning Business Owner (Seattle House Cleaning Inc.) Since 1988. His blog: http://davidlosh.com.
  • 37 minute MP3 file: Interview with industry veteran and blogger David Losh.
  • Subjects include: How to bid jobs on the phone, Critical equipment, Top resources for Internet traffic, How to “flyer” the right way, How to secure work with realtors, How to price your work, How to get your first 5 customers, Avoiding burnout, The #1 reason he’s seen so many home cleaners fail, Tips for working FASTER…and more!



Order Now and Launch your Home Cleaning Business in 24 Hours! 

Was $29
Now Just $19!

House cleaning is a SIMPLE and CHEAP business to get started. This guide GUARANTEES your success in the home cleaning industry! For just $19 you get:

  1. The complete ebook. Immediately download and read our step-by-step guide on how to start you cleaning business, including professional cleaning methods and proven sales and marketing tactics..
  2. The Craigslist ad. Post this professionally designed ad to the top of Craigslist every day and dominate your competition.
  3. The flyer. Hand out hundreds of these flyers in upscale neighborhoods.
  4. The website. Create your own website in just 10 minutes. No hosting or design fees ever.
  5. The business card. Not just a plain “name and number” business card, but a card designed just for house cleaners.
  6. The interview. Spend 37 minutes with David Losh, cleaning business owner, and learn the “dos” and “don’ts” of starting a new cleaning biz from an industry veteran.
  7. The 60 day guarantee. If you can’t start a profitable home cleaning business in 60 days, we’ll swiftly refund your full purchase. Yes, we do occasionally do this, and we don’t waste your time with delays or excuses.

Think about it…

A website ALONE is $200+. Flyer design? $85. Craigslist ad? $100. What about the COST of “trial and error” while on the job? This $19 investment includes over $400 in professional marketing tools, and hours of technical training and marketing advice from REAL home cleaners.  Making mistakes is EXPENSIVE.  Professional flyer/website designers are EXPENSIVE.  For just $19…does this investment make sense for you?

Can you afford NOT to buy “The House Cleaning Blueprint”?

Receive your course INSTANTLY via download and start your building your business TONIGHT.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with “The House Cleaning Blueprint”, email info@start-a-cleaningbusiness.com for an instant and full refund of your investment.

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